Land and Mortgage Register – everything you should know about it

Land and Mortgage Register is one of the most important documents about your apartment or house. It is here that we will find the most important description of the legal status of a given property.

With this in mind, let’s try to understand what exactly is in it, what is the land and mortgage register by address and how it is different from the land and mortgage register by plot number. You can read more about land and mortgage registers below.

What is a land and mortgage register?


Land and Mortgage Register is a document that is available to everyone. His task is to describe the legal status of a given, single property. This means that if we are the owner of several apartments, each of them has its own book. In the middle of the book there is such information as: owner data, property address, apartment area, as well as the purpose and mortgage.

Its significance is high, therefore it is urged to look into it before we sign the preliminary contract or the purchase contract. This is a kind of assurance that the transaction is secure and our actions are legal.

What will the land and mortgage register tell you?


There are four chapters in the book that are subject to specific information. Interestingly, each book is built in an analogous manner, regardless of the type of property described.

  1. information about the property – that is, the exact designation of the property, including address, area, number of rooms. It is also in this section that there are provisions about the law we are entitled to, future owners of a plot or a flat
  2. information about the owner – that is all data about the current owner of the property
  3. information about rights and claims – i.e. information about the encumbrances encumbered by the property. This is a particularly important department that should be taken into account by people purchasing a given property
  4. information on mortgages

Checking the land and mortgage register is therefore a necessary step ensuring the security of the transaction. This is where we check whether the place that interests us actually contains the area and address described. It also assures us that the place has no additional charges that will be imposed on us after purchase.

Simply put – this way we will avoid having to pay back the obligations imposed on the current owner. In addition, if there are several owners of the premises, and there is a conflict between them, we have to deal with unpleasant consequences.

How to set up a land and mortgage register?


Land and Mortgage Register may be established either through the help of a notary public, most often when establishing a notarial deed of a purchased apartment or during a cooperative ownership right to the premises (i.e. when a book for a given premises has never been created).
It is worth remembering, however, that establishing a land and mortgage register involves additional fees.

  • court fee in the amount of USD 60,
  • entry of ownership right USD 200,
  • notary tax about USD 200 + VAT,
  • copy of a notarial deed USD 6 + VAT for each page of an issued copy.

Another way is to set up a book in person at the seat of the competent court covering the property in question. To do this you will need:

  • application for establishing a land and mortgage register,
  • application for entry in the land and mortgage register.

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