Loan and Credit – trading hours and opening exchanges

The Loan and Credit market is open 24 hours a day. This does not mean, however, that it is active throughout the day. This article will help you determine the hours of Loan and Credit trading and at what times it is best to invest.

Now that you know what the Loan and Credit market is, why it can be traded and who creates it – it’s time to learn when to trade on it. It’s time to learn about different trading hours on the Loan and Credit market.

Trading hours on the Loan and Credit market

Trading hours on the Loan and Credit market

Before we consider the most favorable trading conditions, we need to look at what a 24-hour day looks like in the Loan and Credit world.

The Loan and Credit market can be divided into four main trading sessions:

  • session in Sydney
  • session in Tokyo
  • session in London
  • New York session.

Below are the tables of opening and closing times for each Loan and Credit trading session:

Actual Loan and Credit opening and closing times are based on local business hours. Most business hours start between 7-9 am local time.

Session opening and closing times also vary in October / November and March / April, as some countries (such as the United States, England and Australia) are moving from / to summer time (DST).

The day of the month


In which the country moves to / from DST is also varied, which makes the matter even more difficult. Japan does not apply to changing times.

Perhaps you are looking at Sydney now and wondering why time is shifting by two hours in the eastern time zone.

It would seem that Sydney will only move by one hour when Poland switches to winter time. However, remember that when in Poland the time moves back one hour, in Sydney the time moves forward one hour (seasons are the opposite).

You should always keep this in mind if you ever plan to trade during this time period.

It should also be noted that between each trading session on the Loan and Credit market there is a period of time in which two sessions are open at one time.

Just as Tokyo and London sessions overlap in summer and winter from 9am to 11pm, London and New York sessions also overlap.

These are, of course, the busiest hours of the session day. When two markets are open at the same time, the volume is larger.

Average rate deviations on different exchanges

Average rate deviations on different exchanges

Let us now analyze the average amplitude in the movement of pips of major currency pairs during each session on the Loan and Credit market.

The table shows that a session in London usually provides the most opportunities. Note that some currency pairs have significantly more pip movements than others.

Technically speaking, you can trade any currency pair at any time. Needless to say, the best time to trade currency is when its home market is already open. This means you can trade AUD / USD at noon in New York, but much more transactions take place when the session is in Australia. Of course, press releases are published in local time.


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